Are you a new gardener looking for expert advice? Then you’re in the right place. At Cois na hAbhann, we’re proud to offer you expert gardening tips and tricks to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to create your dream garden.

In our gardening advice section, you’ll find easy-to-follow month-by-month guides on caring for your garden and helping it thrive through each month of the year. Your gardening journey starts today!

Bed and Border Design

Bed and Border Design

From the little acorn a mighty oak grows

Looking to create that perfect bed in your Garden but unsure where to start. Why not let one of our Horticulturists advise you?

They will be happy to help you create the look that you are hoping for. From offering advice on which plants to choose to helping you plan the area, our qualified horticultural staff will be more than happy to offer inspiring solutions to help you achieve that ideal bed/border.


Here a Cois na hAbhann we offer a garden visit service; whether you are designing your garden from scratch, considering a complete makeover or even falling in love with your garden again why not let us pay your garden a visit.

We offer a service whereby one of our horticulturists will visit your home, where they will assess your site and discuss your wishes for your garden. They will then provide you with advice, guidance and direction on how best to create the garden you are hoping for.

A sketch plan will then be drawn up where you will be advised on the best design for your garden and the choice of plants which would be most suitable.

There is a charge of €250 for the garden visit. However in return you will be given a gift voucher for €250 which you can then use to purchase plants at Cois na hAbhann.


Cois na hAbhann’s spectacular award winning garden centre offers a complete range of beautiful high quality plants. Our plant area is a haven for all garden enthusiasts.

Whether you are a beginner or a keen gardener Cois na hAbhann has a wide variety of everything you will need to create your perfect garden. We have created display gardens which we hope will inspire you to create the garden of your dreams, be it a cottage, low maintenance garden or a petite balcony garden.

Our expert horticulturists and dedicated staff are on hand at all times to offer advice, guidance and direction or to assist you with any gardening questions you may have. Whether you are considering a complete makeover, planting a few vegetables, or even falling in love with your garden again we guarantee you will find your visit inspiring and worthwhile.

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